About Us

DXS currently has over 20 000 GPs and 4 500 retail pharmacies
using the Point-of-Care system.

DXS International has been providing clinical decision support to the primary care and retail pharmacy sectors in the UK for the past 10 years. DXS has a range of products that enables healthcare stakeholders, such as primary care organisations, pharmaceuticals, healthcare educators, service providers, etc., to provide pertinent information regarding patient treatment to clinicians in the workflow. The result is improved outcomes that are delivered cost-effectively.

DXS achieves this through its standard DXS Point-of-Care platform which integrates with all approved clinical systems in primary care. DXS delivers content relevant to the patient’s condition to the healthcare practitioner, during the consultation.

Our Products

DXS Point-of-Care

DXS Point-of-Care is a comprehensive Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS), which allows National (NHS UK), regional (CCGs) authorities and/or local practices to manage and distribute decision support information to primary care users. The software is designed to equip all primary care staff with immediate access to relevant support information that is aligned to the CCG’s clinical policy and business objectives during the patient consultation. DXS Point-of-Care consists of the following four modules:

  • Best Pathway
  • Best Traffic Light
  • Best Triage+
  • Directory of Services

DXS Best Pathway

Care pathways are structured plans of care designed to support the implementation of CCG-designated clinical guidelines and protocols. They are built around diagnostic codes and provide detailed NHS Best Evidence guidance to assist in each stage of the management of a patient with a specific condition.


  • Drives the use of “Best Evidence” treatment guides and recommendations via on-screen alerts linked to relevant designated content
  • Presents content in an organised and consolidated format
  • Allows CCGs to disseminate and implement treatment guidance standards such as NICE, SIGN or NHS evidence by directly integrating with the user’s daily workflow
  • Provides customisation of content and functionality to suit local conditions

DXS Best Traffic Light

The DXS Best Traffic Light system is a module which incorporates local prescribing messages and information by presenting on-screen prompts about prescribing. Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) can include local preferred drug lists, prescribing guidelines and advice which can be searched or will alert the user at the point of prescription or diagnosis. The purpose is to guide the healthcare professional to the preferred prescribing choice, as well as to ensure that the latest local prescribing information is readily available. DXS Best Traffic Light is available as an add-on product or as a single purchase by the CCG and will be priced separately.


  • Prescribing Advice – allows CCGs to present advice and guidance to users when prescribing
  • Can present a prescribing message on-screen which is in line with a condition, symptom or diagnosis, to guide the healthcare professional to the preferred prescribing choice
  • Colour-coded alerts support the prescriber in the decision-making process regarding medication

DXS Best Triage+

DXS Best Triage+ efficiently manages the CCG’s referral triaging requirements. The software is designed to help prioritise patients for medical treatment according to the seriousness of their condition or injury. It acts as a referral peer review mechanism that automates and facilitates the secure exchange of referral forms and related information between different departments in the referral process.


  • Notifies referrer that a particular referral is recommended for triage
  • Referrer can either accept or reject the recommendation
  • Automatically sends referral form, together with letter and/or notes to the triage centre
  • Systemises triage workflow, as well as document management and distribution
  • Ensures referral letters/notes are complete and include all necessary information and attachments

DXS Directory of Services

DoS is designed to provide GPs and nurses with an up-to-date directory of available referral services in the workflow. This helps CCGs and GP practices know and use all available services in line with national and local business and clinical objectives. This also assists in reducing waiting times, improving care, and reducing costs.


  • Allows CCG / practice services managers to efficiently update and publish lists of available services
  • Links services to clinical codes that allows for quick find and alerts functionality
  • Quick view mode includes both short and/or long form information about who is best suited to treat a specific condition, the proximity, as well as how long it will take to gain an appointment
  • Presents appropriate lists of services, relevant to the patient’s condition, as well as locality to the referrer, via on-screen alerts