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DXS Top Tips – Work Smart Essentials

Setting Inactivity Settings

Completing Mandatory Fields

Using Validation Rules

Using Paginated or Unpaginated View

Checking Active Ingredients of Medicines

Switching the Coding System

Digital Signature

Checking Your ‘Forms’ Inbox Folder

Editing Completed Referral Forms

Using Your Recent Folder

Linking Point-of-Care with Outlook

Using the Point-of-Care Home Screen

Using Illustrations in Point-of-Care

Using the Organise Menu in the Professional Section

Adding Notes to Referral Forms

Using the Feedback Section

Exporting and Sharing Your Favourites

Tracking Referral Form Actions

Using the Point-of-Care Address Feature

Using Diagnosis View

Saving a Referral Form to Your Computer

Saving Draft Referral with Note to the Clinical System

Adding to the PDP Log

Printing Summary Lists from the Forms Section

Filtering Your Inbox in the Forms Section